Microsoft Account Authentication suffers an outage, users locked out of accounts

This one is rare, but today we witness it. If you are trying to login to your Microsoft account at the moment, you might be told that your account does not exist or that your password is incorrect. That’s not entirely true.

Microsoft seems to be going through a severe outage that has locked people out of their Microsoft accounts. This outage affects OneDrive, Xbox, Skype, Outlook, and everything else that relies on Microsoft account authentication.

It also seems to be a worldwide outage, though there is obviously no way to confirm that. Microsoft hasn’t said a word just yet, as the outage is still ongoing.

The Status

Microsoft’s services are far and widespread, so it’s hard to judge the status of an outage such as this, where every Microsoft service is affected.

The Xbox Live Status dashboard says that the service is limited for the moment. Ironically, Nick Floyd, a developer at New Relic, noticed that Microsoft requires users to log in if they wish to be notified when the services come back online. Something that isn’t possible thanks to this outage.

It’s clear that Microsoft didn’t account for an outage for Microsoft Account authentication. The error message itself suggesting that the account does not exist or the password may be incorrect. Microsoft failed to imagine a scenario where it could suffer an outage.

The Cloud

An outage such as this is what is hindering the enterprise as well as average consumers from switching to the cloud. Since OneDrive is inaccessible, users cannot access their files. The Xbox One is limited, as users cannot login to the Live services. Skype is useless, as users cannot log in.

The cloud and its promise have failed, albeit only for a few hours at most. However, it only takes a few minutes to make or break a deal. The cloud, therefore, isn’t entirely reliable.

We will update this post as soon as Microsoft’s restores its services.

Update: Microsoft services seem to be coming back online now (14:00 GMT), but not fully restored yet.

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