Mass Transit expansion announced for Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines, the city-building game of Paradox Interactive is getting its fourth expansion pack in the form of Mass Transit. The expansion pack will add brand new methods for players to transport their citizens across cities later this year.

Earlier this month, the developers announced their plans to launch an Xbox One version of Cities: Skylines; even with the game’s first console release looming closer, the new expansion is going full steam ahead with its development.

Additionally, as with their previous expansions, Paradox Interactive will release a free gameplay patch to coincide with the new expansion. This update will contain a multitude of new content for players to enjoy, only having to own the base game.

Mass Transit

As the name suggests, the expansion is adding a wide variety of mass transit options for players to choose from. Namely, ferries, blimps, cable cars, and monorails, giving easy access to previously hard to reach areas of the city.

Also to help citizens jump between these transit services easily, the new Mass Transit Hub building is especially useful. Furthermore, by using these new ways of transit, citizens will generate more income for players to use however they please.

There are some new challenge scenarios coming with the expansion as well which will focus on solving traffic problems along with brand new road types, bridges, and canals to make each city look even more unique and efficient than what was possible before.

Coming into the free update, the developers are bringing some mod-inspired features to Cities: Skylines. Since the game has had an immense mod following thanks to its loyal fanbase, the developers deciding to implement features from some highly popular mods to the game itself is great news for many players that constantly need to wait for their mods to update before playing Cities: Skylines when an update like this hits.

These range from adding new traffic management options, emergency vehicle overtaking and other road features. Lastly, players will finally be able to name roads to their liking without the use of mods. According to the developer, a highly requested feature by the community.


Cities: Skylines Mass Transit expansion is coming sometime in 2017 for PC, without any Xbox One release information for now.

Keep in mind that the Xbox One version of the game is already shipping with the first expansion – After Dark. We can expect Mass Transit to be available for purchase at the launch of the console version or soon after.

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