Mass Effect 2 is now free on Origin’s On the House promotion

Bioware’s critically acclaimed action RPG – Mass Effect 2 is now free on Origin for everyone. The offer is part of EA’s On the House promotion, where games are given away periodically with no strings attached.

While Mass Effect: Andromeda’s release date confirmation and the extra gameplay already made this week big for Mass Effect fans, looks like EA wants to further increase the hype levels for the release of the next chapter of Mass Effect.

Mass Effect 2

Note that, to avoid major spoilers; we will avoid going into the plot of Mass Effect. Yes, we are considerate like that.

Releasing back in 2010, Mass Effect 2 continued the story of Commander Sheppard from the first Mass Effect. Beginning almost right off the end of the last game, Mass Effect 2’s explosive start to the game is quite memorable. The game features 3rd person tactical combat, with plenty of tech-based powers to destroy enemies with. However, the focus of Mass Effect games is their storylines, with player decisions causing consequences that stretch between multiple games.

As with most Bioware made RPGs, save files from the first game can carry over to Mass Effect 2. Now, for anyone not familiar with this process, this isn’t just a character transfer from the last game. Depending on the decisions the player made in Mass Effect 1, allies, enemies, factions, and events can be completely different.

As a matter of fact, most Mass Effect fans call the second game of the series their favorite of the three. When even Wikipedia has a separate page for the awards of Mass Effect 2, it’s easy to see why.


As Origin is only giving away the base game for free, the DLC packs will have to be purchased separately. Although we recommend them; the DLC is not essential to the main storyline, and you may buy them later if needed.

To claim the free game deal, you must go to Origin’s free games tab after logging into the service. After claiming the game, it’s yours to keep forever, not even needing to download and play the game right now.

For anyone meaning to get their feet wet in the Mass Effect universe, this is a great time to do so. While Mass Effect: Andromeda technically will not have ties to the original trilogy, as it takes place in another galaxy; the original trilogy is not something we recommend missing out on.

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