Mafia 3 to get three new story expansions in 2017

Last year’s open-world action game from Hanger 13 is finally getting its promised extra content. The developers have been silent about any upcoming expansions until now; releasing details on launch dates and what to expect from them.

The third game in 2K’s Mafia series released for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 on October 7th last year. Set in 1968, with players following the actions of the protagonist – Lincoln Clay – in the fictional city of New Bordeaux.

As Mafia 3’s Season Pass – available since the game’s launch – has been gathering dust due to the lack of any DLC, players that did purchase the pass may finally be happy to see some details on the content coming their way after the long wait.

The developers have released some free downloadable content to Mafia 3 previously. Consisting of a few golden weapons, new outfits, and new racing mode; nothing relating to or expanding the game’s story content, however.

Mafia 3 upcoming expansions

A total of three expansions are coming to the game in 2017, each of them with their own separate storylines.

First up is the “Faster, Baby!” expansion where players get to explore a before unseen part of New Bordeaux; the player has to take down a corrupt sheriff terrorizing civil rights activists in the area. The developers promise plenty of car chases and stunt driving opportunities present in this expansion, releasing sometime in March 2017

Coming up next for Mafia 3, with a May 2017 release, is the “Stones Unturned” expansion. This time around, the developers are sending an old rival from Lincoln’s Vietnam days after the player. Lincoln has to settle the violent feud together with the help of a CIA agent.

The third and final piece of content, that’s arriving in July 2017, is the “Sign of the Times” Expansion. Players get to experience drug-ridden parts of the city while they investigate a cult with some ritualistic killing tendencies.

Do note, however, that the developers have said the release timings of these expansions might stray from the currently announced ones.

All in all, we can expect more details on these expansions to Mafia 3 as their release gets closer.

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