Lucio from Overwatch wallrides his way to Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard’s free-to-play MOBA is getting everyone’s favorite DJ from Overwatch as a playable hero soon. Heroes of the Storm’s Lucio is coming armed with largely the same power base from his counterpart in Overwatch.

Thanks to Blizzard’s continuous inclusion of iconic characters from a wide number of their games, the collection of playable heroes in Heroes of the Storm (HotS) just keeps growing. These include characters from StarCraft, Diablo and the Warcraft series to name a few.

Although Lucio is the latest, he is not the only character that Blizzard has ported over from Overwatch to HotS; 2016 saw the addition of Tracer as an assassin hero and Zarya as a warrior hero.

Abilities of Lucio

It looks like Blizzard has put a great effort into keeping the hero authentic to his original talents; coming into HotS as a support hero, Lucio’s abilities revolve around buffing and healing his team while being highly mobile.

First up is his passive ability that lets Lucio pass through other units by running on walls, aptly named Wall Ride; automatically activating when walking next to impassable terrain, while also adding a sweet 20% movement speed boost on top.

Next, the Soundwave ability damages and causes a knockback effect on enemies. Lucio uses the ability in a cone shaped area, allowing players to hit multiple enemies at once.

The Crossfade ability is actually two passive abilities that players can switch between when they need to. These abilities are “tracks” that Lucio plays on his speakers for either healing or giving a speed boost in an area around him.

Lucio’s next ability – Amp It Up synergizes with Crossfade, increasing the tracks’ effectiveness and range for a short period.

And finally, Lucio is shipping with two Heroic abilities (or ultimates) to choose from, Sound Barrier and Reverse Amp. Sound Barrier gives Lucio and his nearby allies a temporary shield for soaking up damage that drains over 6 seconds. Reverse Amp, however, makes his Crossfade tracks affect enemies a negative fashion, where they lose health and a speed nerf

Blizzard hasn’t revealed the release date of Lucio to Heroes of the Storm just yet. However, players can test him out in Heroes of the Storm’s Public Test Realm from February 6th.

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