LinkedIn Learning will help you gain skills and train employees

LinkedIn made a number of announcements at its San Francisco event, and you can read more about them over here. The biggest one of the announcements was LinkedIn Learning – a product designed to help you gain skills with over 9000 courses.

LinkedIn Learning

In the April of 2015, LinkedIn made a purchase that wasn’t obvious but made complete sense. For 1.5 billion$, LinkedIn acquired, a company founded in 1995 that has been the go-to resource for online learning for a massive number of subjects and topics.

Today, this purchase is being integrated into LinkedIn, with LinkedIn Learning. The new portal is going to provide tailored courses sourced from for individuals, while also catering for businesses looking to train their employees with new skills, educational institutions who want to help students via online courses and even governments who want their employees to gain new skills.

LinkedIn is putting its emphasis on education – not only does it want to be a network of professionals, but it also wants to help them gain new skills.

The Courses

As said, LinkedIn Learning launches with all of the content from – over 9000 courses ranging from teaching you Photoshop to management practices.  These courses are available in English, German, Spanish, Japanese and French – and are made by experts from the industries.

But all this was already available with – what LinkedIn Learning does is provide “the right courses at the right time.” Because LinkedIn already knows about all of your skills and what you do, it can deliver personalized courses just for you.

LinkedIn Learning will also offer much of its courses as bite-sized chunks – so you can watch them whenever you want, wherever you want.

For Organizations

LinkedIn Learning isn’t just for individuals – it also lets employers teach new skills to their employees, and track their progress.

LinkedIn also plans on offering an enterprise tier which would allow large companies to buy subscriptions for all of their employees – who can then be monitored by HR managers with analytical tools.

These features can be very useful for organizations who want to make sure their employees stay up to date with the current trends of their industries. It is also very useful for education institutions who want to supplement their courses with other online courses to help their students better understand a subject.

The Pricing

For now, LinkedIn Learning is only available as a free demo to LinkedIn Premium members – the subscription for that starts at 30$/mo and goes up with the optional tiers.

The free demo is also available to organizations who want to introduce LinkedIn Learning to their employees – however; they will have to request access for this.

The enterprise tier for large companies to provide courses to their swathes of employees isn’t available just yet, but LinkedIn has plans to introduce it soon.

The Future

LinkedIn is a service that helped you connect with professionals in your industry. Eventually, it became a service that helped you find jobs in your industry. Now it plans on helping you excel in your industry.

LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner stressed during the event, that “education has become one of the most important priorities” for LinkedIn.

In the interview with Bloomberg, he also speaks about what more is to come after the Microsoft acquisition is over. LinkedIn faces a grave challenge ahead – while it has a clear strategy, it also has to make the best use of the resources it will have at Microsoft.

LinkedIn is finally becoming worthy of the 26.2 billion$ valuation at which Microsoft purchased it.


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