LinkedIn announces web redesign, Interest Feed, LinkedIn Learning, and Bots

Today has been a busy day for the folks at LinkedIn. LinkedIn hosted a press event at its San Francisco office today and announced LinkedIn Learning, two new feature and a redesign for the web.

LinkedIn San Fran Event

Just a week after launching three new products for the Indian market, LinkedIn is trying to maintain its momentum by doing something even bigger – redesigning its website.

The Web Redesign

While LinkedIn has been making some beautifully designed mobile apps – it has downright neglected its website. This changes today, with the announcement of a complete redesign of the web.

As you can see below, it does look pretty nice. Unfortunately, it isn’t ready yet, so there is more waiting to be done. The goal of this redesign is to bring parity with the mobile apps – at least design-wise. Offering a more intuitive, simpler and cleaner experience; the redesign is the largest one since the inception of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Desktop Redesign

The Interest Feed

The Feed is getting an update as well – it will now feature a few more ways to search, discover new & trending content and news curated by the LinkedIn Editorial team itself.

LinkedIn has tried to present curated news in the past – without success. However, this time, LinkedIn will attempt to give you news from relevant fields and industries specifically for you. If done right, this could be perfect for professionals who like to be up-to-date with their industry.


LinkedIn has had a decent messaging service for a while now, but it is now getting a few enhancements – specifically, bots. The new bots are intended to help you do stuff around LinkedIn & the web without leaving your chat.

For example, if you are having a chat with someone and want to schedule a meeting with them – all you have to do is use the bot, and you will be able to set up a meeting on your Google Calendar, without ever leaving the chat.

For now, the upcoming bots would only be from LinkedIn, although, 3rd party bots are in the pipeline, and will appear at some point in the future.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn purchased in April of 2015 – since then, it hasn’t done much with it. Today, with LinkedIn Learning it tries to consolidate some of its features and educational courses into a brand new educational product focused at everyone – from individuals to educational institutions.

We go into more detail about LinkedIn Learning over here, but this push for a better educational portfolio comes right after LinkedIn introduced the LinkedIn Placements in India. It just shows where LinkedIn wants to go with its future strategy.

When does this come out

The new web redesign isn’t ready just yet, and it doesn’t have a release window either. The Interest Feed will obviously come with the redesign as well; the same goes for the bots.

The only product that’s out today is LinkedIn Learning, which also happens to be the most significant product launch at this event.

The full event is down below if you fancy watching 40 minutes of various people talk.


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