LinkedIn announces three new India-specific products

The LinkedIn India team along with Jeff Weiner – CEO of LinkedIn – have today revealed three new products specifically designed and built for the Indian market.

LinkedIn India

LinkedIn is the most popular network for professionals worldwide; in India, it has more than 37 million members, making it the second largest market for LinkedIn. It is no surprise then that LinkedIn would build India-specific products to promote and expand its operations.

LinkedIn Lite

LinkedIn Lite is a ‘lighter’ version of LinkedIn designed to load on slower networks such as 2G.  The Indian team developed this version of LinkedIn from scratch – specifically to load every bit of data efficiently.

LinkedIn claims the Lite version loads four times faster than the normal version – in any network condition, including the unreliable 2G.

LinkedIn Lite will be available to consumers ‘in the next few weeks’.

LinkedIn Placements

This is targeted towards the students of all colleges and universities across India. LinkedIn wants to act like your placement officer and give you access to opportunities from all across India, regardless of your college, university or location.

Students have to go through an online assessment test – they are partnering with CoCubes, Aspiring Minds, HackerRank, and Wheebox for this. Once the students have gone through the assessment test, they will have access to jobs at 35 of the top Indian companies.

LinkedIn Placements should be live at or If successful, this could truly present great opportunities to students who usually lack access to good placements at their colleges or universities.

LinkedIn Starter Pack

The LinkedIn Starter Pack is not for individuals but for Small-Medium Businesses. It gives a chance to smaller – but fast growing – Indian companies to grow their brand and influence by giving them access to the premium LinkedIn hiring, marketing and learning solutions at a very reasonable rate – in a single package.

The pack is only available as a pilot for now. LinkedIn plans to sell it on a first-come-first-serve basis for now – with a limit of 100 companies. Startups and SMBs can apply, and it should be live already at

It is great to see companies adapt to the markets they enter. India is a market that demands its own solutions, and these products might just help LinkedIn spread its influence beyond the young and urban talent that it already has.


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