LG’s refreshed Gram laptops offer 24 hours of battery life

At its CES keynote today, LG announced a refresh for its ultra-thin and light Gram laptop series; the refresh brings Intel’s 7th generation Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, along with up to 16 GB of DDR4 RAM.

The laptop comes in three screen sizes: 13.3-inch, 14-inch, and 15.6-inch, and they come with the Core i3 7100U, i5 7200U, and i7 7500Uprocessors respectively.

Are you bored yet? You should be – you came for the headline; These specs are the least interesting thing about these laptops, let’s just skip to what’s interesting.

The interesting bits

The 13.3-inch model weighs merely 940 grams, the 14-inch, 970 grams, and the 15.6-inch is 1090 grams; you now see why LG calls this series ‘Gram.’

Though the laptop is meant to be light; LG somehow crammed in a 60 Wh battery into this laptop. LG claims that the 13.3-inch model can deliver up to 24 hours of battery life on a single charge. For the 14-inch model, this drops to 23 hours, and the 15.6-inch further drops to 22 hours.

LG also has quick charging built into the laptop – it can stay up for 3 hours, with just 20 minutes of charging; a one hour charge lasts for 10 hours. LG also claims that whatever wizardry it’s doing doesn’t damage the battery “unlike rapid charging, which puts excessive strain on the battery.”

The usual stuff

As already mentioned, the laptop has Intel’s latest 7th generation processors coupled with up to 16 GB of DDR4 RAM; but there’s more to the raw specs.

LG is only offering SSDs in these laptops; whilst the 13.3-inch and 14-inch models come with a maximum of 256 GB storage, the 15.6-inch model can fit in a 512 GB SSD.

For graphics, LG is using the usual integrated Intel HD Graphics 620, powering a quite-normal 1080p IPS display. All the models come with Windows 10 Home, but LG is selling a version of the 13.3-inch model with no OS installed.

The ports are identical on all models: one USB-C, one USB-A 3.0, and one HDMI port. There’s also WiFi 802.11ac. The keyboard is fully backlit as well.

The ultra-light

In addition to the models we described above, LG is also offering an ultra-light variation for each model. LG is reducing the weight by reducing the size of the battery, and removing some features like the fully backlit keyboard.

With these slight refinements, the 13.3-inch model weighs 830 grams, 14-inch is 860 grams, and the 15.6-inch model weighs 980 grams.

The 15-inch model, however, sticks to the same Core i5 7200U as present in the 14-inch model, along with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD storage. It’s essentially just a bigger screen.

The battery is reduced to a 38 Wh one; compared to the 60 Wh battery present in the slightly heavier models, it’s going to deliver considerably shorter battery life.

Pricing & Availability

Unfortunately, for now, LG hasn’t really announced much in terms of when the laptops will be available for purchase; neither have they announced a confirmed price.

LG’s South Korean website, however, lists the prices in South Korean Won. These prices begin at 1,360,000 KRW – that’s US$1,140 – and go as high as 2,450,000 KRW – that’s US$2,050.

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