LG launches a Smart Fridge with Windows 10 & 21 inch touchscreen

This is what humanity needed. A refrigerator that runs on Windows 10. Why? I ask you, why not?

LG has launched the new Smart Instaview Door-in-Door Refrigerator. This is a new fridge that is supposed to be “smart” and thereby it can do a lot of things. The fridge comes with a proper PC which you will be able to use in order to browse the internet, to install new programs, listen to music and you can even use Cortana to do a lot of things like taking notes etc.

This Smart Fridge is probably one of the most interesting things launched at the IFA 2016 and it comes with a 21.5-inch touchscreen which you can use to interact with Windows 10.

But why do we need a Smart Fridge that runs Windows 10? As per LG, the fridge will be able to do a lot of things that can help a person in the kitchen. You can look for recipes, information or you can ask Cortana to start a timer or to take notes without even touching the screen at all.

Even the Windows Store has a lot of apps that can be used for enhancing your kitchen experience by providing you value. There are apps that will teach you how to cook, then there are apps you can refer to in order to make a dish or a recipe.

LG is yet to mention a final date for introducing the fridge to the markets but this fridge will be selling for about $500 which converts to EUR 450 approximately. We will be updating you with full information as soon as LG releases any news regarding this Smart Fridge.

Source: CNET

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