Lenovo: Chrome OS is coming to the Yoga Book

Lenovo announced its brand new Yoga Book at IFA 2016 just a few days ago in Berlin, and we already hear more about the plans Lenovo has for it.

The Yoga Book is not your average laptop – while it is thin, and light, it also comes with a distinct feature; the hinge supports going all the way backwards – allowing you to use the laptop as a tablet.

While the idea has been around for quite a while, Lenovo seems to have perfected it with a versatile yet sturdy hinge.

Lenovo Yoga Book

ChromeOS on the Yoga Book

According to Matt Lazare – the Yoga Book Campaign Manager at Lenovo – Chrome OS is definitely a possibility that Lenovo will be looking into for the Yoga Book.

In an interview with TechRadar, he said, “I can tell you that Chrome OS is something that we’re thinking very seriously about, especially with the big upgrades coming down the road that will allow access to the Android app ecosystem.

You should look for us to take this hardware platform in Yoga Book and make waves on that front. Obviously, you’ll hear more about that down the road.”


The Yoga Book also has some interesting pricing tiers – Lenovo already sells an Android version of the Yoga Book, and since this version does not have to pay for a Windows license it ends up being $150 cheaper.

Whether the ChromeOS version will cost the same as the Android version is yet to be seen – but if so, it could result in some serious competition against the Windows version. It’s odd when a product is competing with itself.

Lenovo is projecting Yoga Book as a ‘tablet-killer’ what with its screen that bends backwards and a keyboard surface that can turn into a digitizer with support for Lenovo’s Real Pen stylus at the press of a button. These features would obviously have to work on the ChromeOS version – but Lenovo would have done quite a few modifications for that to happen.


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