Lenovo brings its Yoga Book 2-in-1 to India, starts at ₹49,990

Lenovo announced the Yoga Book at IFA earlier in September this year; the Yoga Book is quite unique in what offers – even more unique is how it offers it.

The Yoga Book looks like any other 2-in-1 would – until you open it; Lenovo decided to do something new – the 2-in-1 ditches the traditional keyboard and replaces it with a pressure sensitive touch surface powered by a Wacom digitizer.

It’s certainly not alike any other 2-in-1 out there; the pressure-sensitive surface allows you to draw on the 2-in-1 with Lenovo’s RealPen stylus – but there’s more to it. You can have a piece of paper on top of the pressure sensitive surface and write using the stylus on the paper – the stylus works as a pen as well.

This simple innovation might remind a few older folks of the good old carbon paper – the sheet of paper that made a copy of whatever you wrote; this allows you to have a physical copy on a piece of paper, as well as a digital one you can store and share online.

It’s certainly an interesting idea for a 2-in-1, but the Yoga Book fails to impress when it comes to the raw specifications – with an Intel Atom processor, you are not going to get much performance out of the device.

You can read more about the Yoga Book in our original coverage, and when it went up for pre-orders in the U.S.

Pricing & Availability

Lenovo launched the Yoga Book in U.S. soon after its reveal at IFA in September; while Lenovo offers two version for the Yoga Book: one that runs Android, and one that runs Windows, it doesn’t do so for India. The Windows version is $50 more expensive in the U.S.

For today’s India launch, Lenovo is only bringing the Windows version – at the price of ₹49,990, it’s a bit more expensive than the American price of $549, but that’s how the world works.

It’s available exclusively via Flipkart, where taxes and shipping charges will be applied (if any) on top of the ₹49,990 price-tag.

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