Leaked images for upcoming Windows 10 Mobile Insider update show unified ‘Windows Update’ and more

Windows 10 Mobile has been losing steam among Microsoft’s OEM partners – and Microsoft itself; these new leaked screenshots show what’s coming for Windows 10 Mobile.

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The leak comes from the Italian website Aggiornamenti Lumia; It looks like Microsoft has been working on an overhaul of the ‘Mobile Update’ system, along with the Redstone 2 features for the next Insider build for Windows 10 Mobile.

As expected from the overall theme of Redstone 2 update – we are looking at various features and changes that intend to unify the Mobile and Desktop Windows 10 experience.

Here’s what’s changing – note that this is not an official changelog, but one from Aggiornamenti Lumia, so this is most likely not the full changelog.

  • Mobile Update has been renamed to Windows Update and has a new icon.
  • You can now change notification sound for updates, under Settings > System > Notifications & Actions > Windows Update.
  • Updates can be delayed (not prevented) from installing – this option is under Advanced Options in Windows Update.

This leak is mostly focused around the Windows Update features, as you can tell.

For the past few weeks, Windows 10 Mobile Insiders haven’t been getting any big releases – most of them are simply bugs and performance fixes. Clearly, this update is going to be a treat for those who have been long waiting for a more feature-rich update.

The new update is expected to release for the Insiders sometime next week; we will know more about what it has to offer and where Microsoft intends to take Windows 10 Mobile then.

These updates probably won’t help Microsoft gain back its OEM partner’s trust anytime soon, but it will contribute to gaining back the consumer trust – Microsoft still cares about its mobile operating system.

Image Credit: Aggiornamenti Lumia

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