Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition launches on Xbox One, coming to Windows 10 this fall

The original Killer Instinct came out over 2 decades ago in 1994. Who would have thought it would end being rebooting itself as one of the first titles to launch on Xbox One.

Killer Instinct

2013 saw the reboot of Killer Instinct. Originally launched as a free-to-play game, it witnessed content release in seasons – stages of sorts. Today, with the Definitive Edition, we have all of the content packed into one – along with a new campaign mode.

Definitive Edition

The Definitive Edition comes with all of the content that has been released over the past three seasons of the 2013 release. That would be 26 fighters, 20 stages and all of the costumes and accessories. It also comes with a bonus Gold Gargos skin for the new Shadow Lords campaign mode.

Fans also get access to tonnes of exclusive content from behind the scenes – from the game’s artwork to its original soundtrack and all of its lore and history.

The retail copy of the Definitive Edition also comes with a separate disc for the Original Soundtrack.

Shadow Lords

The Shadow Lords campaign mode was announced back in March and is now out for everyone – not just the Definitive Edition.

What we have here is a campaign that puts you against Gargos – whom we can see in the beautiful launch trailer above. What’s interesting is the team based mechanics of this mode – you pick the main fighter, after which you can select a few more to assemble a team to stop the invasion of Earth. As more fighters are added to the game, Shadow Lords gain more content as well.

There is clearly something nice churning up in this game mode – the fact that it is free for all players, instead of being tied to the Definitive Edition is also a good move on Microsoft’s part.

Xbox Play Anywhere brings it to the PC

While Killer Instinct launched as an Xbox One exclusive – and it still is one – Microsoft has now announced that there is a Windows 10 edition in the making.

The details regarding gameplay and cross-platform multiplayer are scarce at the moment. However, those who purchased the Xbox One version will get the Windows 10 version for free.

Availability & Pricing

The Definitive Edition is out right now – obviously, it is not free-to-play, so the price is 40$. The Shadow Lords campaign mode is also out right now and is probably being downloaded on your Xbox One as we speak. It is free for all.

The Windows 10 edition, is planned to release later this year during the holidays. Microsoft has not announced a solid date just yet.


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