Japanese VAIO Phone Biz and NuAns Neo getting the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Japanese site Windows Forest reports that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has begun rolling out for VAIO Phone Biz and NuAns Neo. VAIO previously delayed the update due to issues with the new Continuum feature in Windows 10.

NuAns Neo

For those of us outside of Japan, VAIO is simply a laptop brand that Sony decided to ditch – however, in Japan it still stands strong as an independent company.

The Anniversary Update had been delayed for the VAIO Phone Biz because of a certain bug with the Continuum feature in Windows 10. It appears that it has now been fixed for good.

VAIO Phone Biz already runs Windows 10 Mobile, and while there are no plans of bringing it to the markets outside of Japan, the arrival of Anniversary Update will surely be useful for its users.

Trinity – the company behind NuAns Neo – is also apparently ready with an update, but hasn’t started a public roll out yet.  The NuAns Neo already comes running Windows 10 Mobile, hopefully, the Anniversary Update will be rolling out soon enough.

What the update holds

The Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile brings a revamped Action Center, Continuum, and support for Skype’s ‘Messaging Anywhere’ which will allow you to send SMS from any Windows 10 device (including your PC) via Skype.

The update also obviously brings general stability and performance improvements. The next update planned for Windows 10 – codenamed Redstone 2 – will focus more on the Windows 10 Mobile side of things.


The Anniversary Update rollout isn’t just being slow on the phone – it might take yet another month for the PC update to rollout for everyone as well. Microsoft is being very careful with the Anniversary Update.

While Microsoft has been able to push the Anniversary Update to most – not all – Lumia devices, the OEM devices have seen a slow roll out so far. These are the same issues that are faced by Android, and for (mostly) the same reasons.

One can only hope for faster future updates from Microsoft and its OEMs.

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