Instagram for Windows Mobile 10 updated with pinch to zoom and more

Instagram released a new app for Windows Mobile 10 in March this year, and today they have updated it with a few new features.

Instagram for Windows Mobile 10

The Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile is essentially a port; the app disregards all design guidelines from Microsoft. However, since it Is a port – it is easier for Instagram to maintain parity between versions.

These few features were released to the iOS and Android apps a few weeks ago, today they come to the Windows 10 Mobile.

  • You can now use the pinch-to-zoom gesture on photos while browsing through Instagram.
  • The new comments moderation filter in settings will let you add keywords for a filter that will automatically remove annoying comments from your photos.
  • You can now alter the font colour in Instagram’s stories.

While it is not a major update, it is nice to see Instagram maintaining parity between versions – especially for the Windows 10 Mobile version, considering the small user base.

Instagram launched the app for Windows 10 Mobile on March 7th as a beta, which ended on April 28th. It was when the beta ended that the Windows app reached parity with its Android and iOS brethren.

The app is available from the Windows Store right now. A few people on Reddit are reporting their failure to update; the update seems to be taking a bit longer than usual to roll out.

It seems the update is also only for Windows Mobile 10 and not Windows Phone 8.1. WP8.1 still seems to only have a dated app that hasn’t been updated in a while.

It is clear Microsoft has abandoned the WP8.1 platform, with even the 3rd party developers deciding to abandon the ship and only maintaining WM10.

Source: Reddit

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