Instagram app now available for Windows 10 PCs and tablets

Instagram built a UWP app for Windows 10 and released it back in July with Continuum support; this app is now available for Windows 10 PCs via the Windows Store.

Instagram for Windows 10 PC

What Instagram has done today is not quite difficult to do – which is the beauty of UWP. What we have here is the Windows 10 Mobile app, with a scaled UI for Windows 10 on PC.

Continuum is Microsoft’s attempt at making a unified desktop and mobile app ecosystem, and the upcoming Redstone 2 update – we might hear more about it at the October 26th event – is going to improve on that idea.

With Redstone 2, Continuum will be able to support dynamic window sizes, so Instagram is just being ahead of the curve and updating its app before it was too late.

The app is pretty much the same as it is on Windows 10 Mobile; the app lets you view photos, access direct messages, leave comments and even be notified. If your Windows 10 PC have a camera, you can also snap a photo straight from your PC. You can also upload a photo to Instagram via the app, as long as it is in the Pictures > Camera roll folder.

Here’s the problem, though: because the app is UWP and it is quite literally the Windows 10 Mobile version, some things are clunky. The interface is clearly designed for mobile – though it does scale; images can only be uploaded via the Camera roll – as already mentioned, but it does get quite annoying. These annoyances are just some of many, but Instagram can fix them eventually.

With this update, we have an official app for Instagram on the PC for the first time – Instagram is no longer just a mobile social network.

You can download the new app from the Windows Store, simply follow this link.

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