Huawei might be working on two high-end MateBooks for 2017

Huawei apparently is working on two new models of MateBook, and both are going to be released sometime early next year.

Huawei MateBook

The rumor comes via DigiTimes, while the source is a report by Apple Daily – a daily tabloid newspaper from Hong Kong.

The MateBook isn’t precisely a laptop – it’s a 2-in-1 device, much like Microsoft’s Surface lineup. According to Apple Daily, the success of MateBook in China have compelled Huawei to build a second generation of it, except just a little bit on the high-end side, with hopes for even more success in the international market.

The rumored devices would be using Intel’s Core processors; the specifics, however, are not clear. As to what the devices would be like: we know nothing – except that the two models would be similar but different sizes.

The currently-released MateBook has a 12-inch screen, but the rumored devices are apparently going to be 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch; while that’s bigger than the predecessor – that’s not always a good thing. Perhaps larger space is required to fit the higher-end components like the Intel Core processor.

Success and its price

The company has had quite a bit of success with MateBook. Last month, the folks at Huawei marketing made a quirky advertisement poking fun at Apple’s Siri – and it worked too, the video went viral and now sits at a comfortable 3 million views.

The original MateBook was launched at $699, but considering the new rumored models are meant to be high-end, the prices are surely going to be higher.

With the first generation of MateBook, Huawei showed that they are capable of building something that can stand beside the Microsoft Surface in terms of quality. If Huawei can manage to keep that going, it will only be good for the consumers – after all, more competition is always a good thing.

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