Huawei ‘joins the party’ with MateBook as it pokes fun at iPad Pro

Microsoft and Apple are two giants in the tech industry who don’t mind having a quip about each other’s products. It’s quite a healthy marketing campaign, to be fair much better than throwing insults at each other.

It looks like Huawei wants to ‘join the party’ now as well – as they say – with a video having a bit of fun with the Microsoft Surface and an iPad Pro. Siri and Cortana also make an appearance. However, Siri doesn’t seem to be fond of Huawei’s presence.

The video features Huawei’s own 2-in-1 device – next to the Microsoft Surface and an iPad Pro. Huawei isn’t shy of mentioning the unique features of its MateBook either. It makes special mention of the inbuilt fingerprint sensor, a stylus and the ability to run full Windows 10 applications.

Much like the Surface and iPad Pro, the MateBook comes with a keyboard, a stylus, a 12″ 1440p screen all packed into a metal unibody design that’s 0.27″ inch thick and weighs a mere 1.41 pounds. It definitely has deserved its place at the party.

It is not uncommon for the Google, Apple and Microsoft to build advertisements poking fun at each other, but for OEM’s to join in and do the same is quite new.

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