HP’s rumoured upcoming Windows Phone might be a mid-tier device, might show up at MWC

A few days ago we reported about a few rumors regarding Microsoft’s Surface Phone – this rumor wasn’t just about the Surface Phone, but also about a device HP is building with Microsoft.

In our post, we mentioned two possibilities originating from these rumors – you can read the post here – but here’s what it looks like today: Surface Phone most likely won’t show up at MWC, but the rumored HP device might.

New rumors have emerged from Dr. Windows, once again, and this time there’s a few more details about the HP device.


A Mid-Tier Device

It seems that the rumored HP device will be a mid-tier device, rather than a high-end one. It makes sense for HP to develop a mid-tier device now, especially considering HP already has a high-end device with the Elite x3.

As it is a mid-tier device, it will apparently come with a processor from the Snapdragon 600 series – which one exactly, is not clear.

Dr. Windows also suggests that the device could support Continuum and might be compatible with the current HP accessories such as HP’s Desk Dock.

Microsoft’s Plan

It seems the Surface Phone is still pretty far away; while the early rumors suggested its existence, it appears that these rumors were a bit too far from the truth.

Though, a mid-tier device made by HP with engineering help from Microsoft does sound appealing – at the end, it all depends on the pricing.

The early rumors suggested that the device would be for consumers rather than the enterprise, but once again – they were only rumors, and they still are, only rumors.

Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress is an annual event where everyone from the mobile industry – from phone makers to cellular operators – gather and discuss the new technologies and government policies.

MWC begins on 27th February 2017, and ends on 2nd March; we are quite a few months away from a launch or even an announcement – until then, we won’t know anything for sure unless HP or Microsoft officially announce their plans.

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