HP announces new Envy 34-inch curved All-in-One PC

The Surface Studio might be an incredible All-in-One, but it is a very complicated device – by its own account; sometimes you just want something simpler, and HP is offering just that.

HP has today refreshed its curved Envy All-in-One PC; it now has a new design – much like the Envy All-in-One announced in October – and features a few minor upgrades for the internals.

The Specs

The name, in all its glory, is ENVY Curve AIO 34, and per HP, it’s the world’s widest curved All-in-One PC. That’s because the 34-inch screen is also an ultrawide – at 3440×1440, it’s surely going to turn your head around.

As is the case with every All-in-One, the computer that powers the beautiful screen lies inside the base. The base, however, has a few surprises hidden within.

HP has paid quite a bit of attention while designing the base; for example, if you have a mobile device that supports wireless charging – simply place it on the left side of the base, and it will start charging.

The base also has four integrated speakers tuned by Bang & Olufsen, so you can listen to some beats while spinning your head around.

These two aside, rest of the specifications are quite normal; there’s a 7th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, paired with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM.

For storage, HP gives a bunch of options; you can either have a 1 TB SSHD or a 256 GB SSD coupled with a 1 TB HDD or a 256 GB SSD with a 2 TB HDD.

HP is giving quite a few options for graphics as well; you can simply use the integrated Intel graphics processor, or optionally get an AMD RX 460 – if AMD isn’t for you, you can also pick an NVidia GPU.

HP has also borrowed the webcam implementation from its other Envy All-in-One designs; the camera is hidden inside the screen can be popped open when desired. This gives the user additional privacy, as the camera cannot physically see the user when it’s hidden within the display. The camera, by the way, is Windows Hello compliant and can unlock your PC with just your face.

Pricing & Availability

HP’s refreshed ENVY Curve AIO 34 will hit the online store at HP.com on 11th of January. It will be further available on retail shelves starting from 26th of February.

The price is $1730; indeed not a bad price, for something this sleek.

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