HP announces the Pro x2 612 G2 professional laptop at MWC

HP has unveiled the HP Pro X2 612 G2 at MWC, a Surface-like hybrid of a laptop and a tablet. HP is primarily aiming the device towards business professionals with multiple attributes of the Pro X2 catering for that market.

The device weighs 0.85kg on its own, with the inclusion of the keyboard cover bringing the weight up to 1.2kg. Together with its light weight, the X2 has a robust design, coming built with drop, shock, and dustproof materials.

This may be especially attractive to businesses that operate in busy environments where they might prefer the sturdiness and the flexibility that the Pro X2 is offering over what the Microsoft’s Surface lineup offers, albeit having better resolution displays and higher computing power.

As for the specifications, HP has a range of hardware options to pick from depending on the customer’s budget. The base model comes with an Intel Core m3 CPU, 4GB of RAM and a removable 128GB SSD for $979.

HP claims that the Pro x2’s battery will last for up to eleven hours of use. It also includes fast charging capabilities, getting the device up to 50% charge in just thirty minutes.

On the back, the device holds a kickstand and a completely removable back cover to access the M.2 SSD. This rare ability to conveniently remove and replace the SSD is a feature that many users will surely appreciate.

Additionally, HP’s new magnetic and backlit ‘Collaboration Keyboard’ for the Pro X2 has some new features to help in business meetings. Thanks to its new Collaboration Keys that make screen sharing, Skype conference call management, and other useful functions easily accessible.


The Pro X2 612 G2 is now available for purchase, starting from $979. Though, since HP is offering a bazillion configuration options for the device, the price can differ drastically depending on the specifications you may pick.

Moreover, HP is offering a wide variety of accessories for the Pro X2 612 G2, such as the Wacom-Based Active Pen that easily fits into the keyboard’s pen loop, the Rugged Case for protection in extreme environments, a USB-C Travel Hub and a Travel Dock for users that need the extra connectivity.

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