How to roll back from Windows 10 Preview to Windows Phone 8.1

In this post we will tell you how to roll back from Windows 10 Preview to Windows Phone 8.1 easily. After the release of Windows 10 Preview for phone, people are quite busy checking out the Windows 10 Preview.

Although, you must be enjoying checking out the Windows 10 Preview but you might wish to go back to a more subtle and stable build. Microsoft has now made it quite easy and simple for the users to roll back to the Windows Phone 8.1. All you require for this is a computer system, a USB cable, Windows Phone Recovery Tool and your phone.

Here we have mentioned few steps that will be handy for you but do make sure that your phone and computer system are charged before beginning with this process. Let’s get started with the steps.

How to roll back from Windows 10 Preview to Windows Phone 8.1

  • The first step to start with is to download and install the Windows Phone Recovery Tool on your computer system.
  • Now click to open the Windows Phone Recovery Tool and simply connect your phone to the computer system by making use of a USB cable. If your phone doesn’t get detected automatically then disconnect your phone from the computer system and click on the “My phone was not detected” option at the bottom and abide by the instructions displayed on the phone’s screen.
  • However, if your phone gets detected automatically simply enter the phone’s model on the screen to resume with the process.
  • After this another screen will appear that will display the software versions. Simply tap on the reinstall option placed at the bottom.
  • Now a disclaimer will appear suggesting you to backup your phone’s data, simply press continue.
  • The recovery tool will help in the downloading and installation of the firmware that can take few minutes depending upon the speed of your network connection. The files that are to be installed are nearly about 1.7 GB. Do make sure that the cable doesn’t get disconnected while the process is going on.
  • If all the steps are duly accomplished then you will receive a message saying “Operation successfully completed”.

After carefully abiding by all the aforesaid steps you will be back on the Windows Phone 8.1.

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