How to Install, Update and Use iTunes on Windows 10

If you have recently upgraded to Windows 10 and using iTunes on it for the first time, then you must be looking for a tutorial to help you out. iTunes is an official media player and iOS device management application developed by Apple. It is used by iPhone users to download, play and organize music and videos.

It is an Apple’s product, but still, iTunes is available for the Windows operating system and its latest version i.e. Windows 10. Here in this article, you will read everything you need to know about it.

Download and Install iTunes on Windows 10

1. First of all, visit the official download page of iTune.

2. On the left-hand side of the page, under “iTunes 12.x.xx for Windows 7 or later“. Here you need to enter your email id in space provided. After that, click on “Download Now” button.

itune download page

Note: Make sure to check the system requirement before downloading the iTune.

3. The setup file of iTunes will start downloading in the background with name iTuneSetup.exe which is around 114 MB in size.

4. Once it is downloaded, Run the Setup file and follow the instruction to install it. It will hardly take 3-5 minutes to completely install the iTunes on your computer or laptop.

install the itune

Note: When UAC pop up appear, click Yes to continue the installation.

5. When you open it for the first time, the iTunes software agreement window will appear. Here you need to click on “Accept” button to continue.

install the itune

6. At last, the iTunes application will be open successfully.

Create Apple ID using iTune

After installing iTunes on your computer, it will ask you to sign in using Apple ID so that in future, you can easily purchase anything from iTune. If you’re using iTunes for the first time and haven’t created the Apple ID yet, check out below steps to create your Apple ID:

1. Launch the iTunes application.

create apple ID

2. Click on Account tab at the top of the application window. From the options click on Sign in option. The new window will appear asking you to add your credential to log in. If you have already created the account, then use those details.

create apple ID

3. Otherwise, click on “Create New Apple ID” button to create the account. Follow the steps:

  1. Welcome to the iTunes Store, Click on “Continue” button
  2. Read Apple Terms and Condition, check mark “I have read and agreed to these terms and conditions“. Click on “Agree” button.
  3. Provide you Apple ID details which include Email ID, Password, Date of Birthday and Recovery Email. Fill the details and click on “Continue” button.
  4. Select any of the mentioned Credit Card and after that enter your billing details. Click on “Create Apple ID“.
  5. After that, verify your email.
  6. Log in using this newly created iTunes account.

That’s it!

Update iTunes on Windows 10

In case, you have already installed iTunes on your computer or laptop running Windows 10 and want to update it to the latest version, then here is how to do that:

1. Launch the iTunes application.

2. On the top left bar menu bar, you need to click on the “Help” menu and from the context menu click on “Check for update” option.

check for update

3. A little window will come up and start looking for the latest version. If the latest version of iTunes is available you will get the option to download and install it.

If you’re already on the latest version, you will see the message “This version of the iTunes is the Current Version

Connect your iPhone to iTunes and get basic information

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop using original USB cable and it will automatically launch the iTune.

2. You will get the pop-up with a message i.e. “Do you want to allow this computer to access information on iPhone“. Click Continue button.

connect iphone to itune

3. After that, Login to iTunes using the same Apple ID using which you have registered your iPhone. For login, click on Account -> Sign in and Enter your credentials.

4. To get information about your iPhone, click on phone icon at the top left side of the window.

connect iphone to itune

By doing this, you will get all the information about your connected device just like shown in the below screenshot.


Here on this window, under Summary tab you can:

  • Update your device firmware to latest version, if available
  • You can backup your device
  • Encrypt iPhone backup
  • Sync your music and photos

You can also switch to Apps tab to see what apps are present on your iPhone screen. Similarly, you can switch to Music and Photos tab to sync and manage your device music and photos. If you want to sync your contacts and calendar details, switch to info tab.

You can also visit tabs listed under On My Device title to check what photos, music, videos and related stuff is on your device.

How to Import Music and Videos into iTunes on Windows 10

Off course, you don’t need to download music and video file from the iTunes store. As you can import it at your own. When you start iTunes for the first time on your computer, it will ask you to scan your computer for media and if you click Yes, it will all the media files from your computer into iTunes player.

In case, you have skipped that settings at initial step, here is how you can import music and video into iTunes on Windows 10:

1. Click on the File option which is available at the top of the iTunes window.

2. From the options click on “Add Folder to Library

import media to itune on windows 10

3. Select the folder and add your favorite music, video, and other media to iTune.

How to Purchase Items from the iTunes Store

At the time of creating an Apple ID if you have added your billing information into your account, then you can easily purchase items from the store just by making a single click. For purchasing anything from iTune, you need to be login using Apple ID which you’re using on your device.

Here is how to purchase items from iTunes store

1. Launch the iTunes application

2. Click on iTunes Store buttons available on the windows.

purchase item from itune store

3. Navigate to the item which you want to purchase, click on the buy button, follow the instruction and you’re done.

purchase item from itune store

Like this, you can purchase music, videos, movies, apps, games and related stuff.

I hope you find this iTunes guide for windows 10 helpful. Let us know, if you have any query in the comments.

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