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How To Get Windows Experience Index (WEI) Score In Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

The WEI or Windows Experience Index score was first introduced with Windows Vista and it was an inbuilt benchmarking tool built inside Windows OS to provide a score of your hardware combination and how well they work.

The basic idea from Microsoft for WEI was that when you go out and buy a new software for your PC, you could buy the one which corresponded to your Windows Experience Index score to get the best performance. Though this idea didn’t catch on, but people still used WEI score to compare how well their PC performed.

Microsoft continues providing the index score in Windows 7 as well as Windows 8 but it has been removed from Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. When we say it is removed, we mean only graphically. You can still run tests and get a score using the Command Prompt.

In this post I will show you how to get Windows Experience Index (WEI) Score In Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

There are actually two methods that you can use to get Windows Experience Index score on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. One of them is by using one of the two tools we are going to mention and the other is a geeky way in which we are going to use Command Prompt and some commands. Let us take a look at the easy third party tool method first and then we will proceed to the geeky command prompt way, just for fun!

Method 1 – Using third party tools

ChrisPC Win Experience Index

This is a third party tool but it is still very accurate and provides the same info and scores that the original Windows Experience Index provides.

  • Visit this page here and download the ChrisPC Windows Experience Index setup.
  • After it is downloaded, just install it using the wizard and choose your options carefully.
  • Now that you have completed and installed the tool, start it and you will see that it is displaying a score and this score will be your Windows Experience Index score.
  • You can easily re-run the test and this will benchmark your PC to refresh the score and the final score will be shown in the same software.

Winaero WEI Tool

This is one more tool by Winaero but it does the same job as ChrisPC’s tool and it doesn’t come in a setup and it is totally adfree. You just have to download the tool archive and you are done. No need to install it whatsoever.

  • Head over to this page and download the ZIP file.
  • Now extract the contents of the ZIP file into a folder.
  • Open the folder where you extracted the files and run WEI.exe and this will start the tool and it will look like the image I have embedded above.
  • It will readily show a score and if it doesn’t then all you need to do is run the tool once and it will reassess the score and produce the score to you.

As I mentioned this tool is completely ad free unlike the ChrisPC tool so I prefer this over ChrisPC.

Method 2 – Let’s get geeky, shall we?

All right, here comes the fun part.

I am sure you are one of those geeky people who like to do things the long way and so am I and hence here I will tell you how to check your PC’s WEI using command prompt.

Let’s get started.

  • Open Explorer and enter this path in your address bar of the Explorer.


  • Make sure C: is the drive in which your Windows installation exists.
  • You will find several files like these:

  • Select all files and DELETE all of them. 
  • These files contain old system scores but we are going to test the PC again manually so we do not need these files hence it is safe to delete them.
  • Now you need to start Command Prompt as Administrator.

  • Now enter the following command into the Command Prompt

Winsat formal

  • This will run the Windows Experience Index test and it will take a few minutes to complete. The command window will look like this:

  • The test is now complete and you can now check the scores. To check the score, just go to:


  • Now look for a file in this format: date.time.Formal.Assessment.XML

  • Open this XML file with one of the browsers that you have. Even Internet Explorer will work.
  • Once the file is open, look for the scores and they will be mentioned here as shown in the image below.

So, that’s it. I have shown you two different ways to find your Windows Experience Index scores and quench your thirst of knowing the score & performance capabilities of your PC. On a side note, my PC got a score of 8.1. Do let us know about Your PC WEI score by leaving a comment below.

About Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal is a Computer Engineer by Qualification but has been writing about Technology since 2012. He is just a simple guy who likes to be happy and likes to write various different kind of stuff. He loves to troubleshoot windows and write about Tutorials which help users in solving various Errors. You can contact him and share your thoughts about anything through ujjwalk308[at]gmail.com and catch him on twitter: @ExtraTechnical

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  • Betty Dahlstedt

    I got a very low score. Almost all of my scores ran from 7,7 to 9,9 My graphics score was 4.1 and VideoEncodeScore 7,6. This laptop is not used for gaming, so I guess I am ok.

  • Admin

    seems like you have an integrated graphics card. Yes you are right, You might face issues while playing games and video editing only.

  • Consider upgrading the drivers. 🙂

  • kate

    cannot create input file? results are 42.2/ F/s?

  • Andrew

    Windows 10 Enterprise 64BIT i5 3570k 4.5GHz, R9 290 Vapor-X-OC, 9.9 gaming and DX9-10 score is pretty nice, the rest is mid to high 8’s

  • Andrew

    Sharing CMD WINSAT Formal
    > CPU LZW Compression 737.82 MB/s
    > CPU AES256 Encryption 1681.84 MB/s
    > CPU Vista Compression 1856.97 MB/s
    > CPU SHA1 Hash 2448.26 MB/s
    > Uniproc CPU LZW Compression 184.77 MB/s
    > Uniproc CPU AES256 Encryption 420.71 MB/s
    > Uniproc CPU Vista Compression 465.44 MB/s
    > Uniproc CPU SHA1 Hash 612.78 MB/s
    > Memory Performance 22108.96 MB/s
    > Direct3D Batch Performance 42.00 F/s
    > Direct3D Alpha Blend Performance 42.00 F/s
    > Direct3D ALU Performance 42.00 F/s
    > Direct3D Texture Load Performance 42.00 F/s
    > Direct3D Batch Performance 42.00 F/s
    > Direct3D Alpha Blend Performance 42.00 F/s
    > Direct3D ALU Performance 42.00 F/s
    > Direct3D Texture Load Performance 42.00 F/s
    > Direct3D Geometry Performance 42.00 F/s
    > Direct3D Geometry Performance 42.00 F/s
    > Direct3D Constant Buffer Performance 42.00 F/s
    > Video Memory Throughput 90982.80 MB/s
    > Dshow Video Encode Time 1.01875 s
    > Media Foundation Decode Time 0.07043 s
    > Disk Sequential 64.0 Read 431.87 MB/s 8.0
    > Disk Random 16.0 Read 299.94 MB/s 8.1
    > Total Run Time 00:01:52.63

  • Dravack

    System Score: 8.2
    Memory Score: 8.5
    CPU Score: 8.5
    CPU Sub Agg Score: 8.4
    VideoEncodeScore: 8.6
    Graphics Score: 8.3
    Dx9 Sub Score: 9.9
    Dx10 Sub Score: 9.9
    Gaming Score: 9.9
    Disk Score: 8.2

    What I don’t get is why my disk score is 8.2? I’m running a 250 gb ssd using m.2 (though I think it’s esata style and not pci for my main drive. Have 2 1tb 7200rpm hdd’s for storage. Seem’s kinda low IMO. I really need to upgrade my video card I can’t believe it’s scoring so high. It’s a GTX 750 Ti. Can I run it tells me half the stuff I want to run my comp isn’t capable because of it lol. So need to add some more memory and upgrade the videocard and I think I’d be done.

  • Build z burger

    5.0 until I installed something which looked like a graphics driver from Windows 7 update.
    Now it is 5.8. This is without a separate video card.
    Memory and processor are 7.8 and 7.4. i5, 3300 CPU.
    Remember, Win 7 max is 7.9.

  • Glenn Demers

    Thanks for that, Sweet ! 7.5 room for improvement the graphics score went up dramatically from win 7 to win 10 same hardware…

  • Don Udall

    cheapo laptop after a 8 GB memory upgrade. Still cheapo…slow to surf. I still need to upgrade the harddrive. Other ideas?

    SystemScore 4
    MemoryScore 7
    CpuScore 5
    CPUSubAggScore 5.3
    VideoEncodeScore 4.7
    GraphicsScore 4
    Dx9SubScore 9.9
    Dx10SubScore 9.9
    GamingScore 9.9
    StdDefPlaybackScore TRUE
    HighDefPlaybackScore TRUE
    DiskScore 6.8