How to Fix No Sound from Laptop Speakers | Troubleshoot the speaker issue

Imagine this, you turn on your laptop and it seems too quiet. The only sound you hear is of the fans that are spinning at their full speed. Looks like your laptop speakers are not working, you feel sad and decide to go to the laptop repair shop to get your laptop repaired.

But wait, there are a few things that you can do to fix this problem of no sound from internal speakers by yourself. There can be many reasons for no sound. We will discuss the reasons along with their solutions that you can try before taking it to the repair shop.

Let’s begin the guide to fix no sound from laptop speakers:

Reason 1: Muted speakers

One of the trivial reason for no sound from laptop speakers can be that they may be muted. It can happen that you muted your speakers the last time you used them and forgot to unmute them and thought that they have stopped working. If that’s the reason then, just unmute!

Reason 2: Check Volume mixer

In a Windows system, you have the ability to set a maximum limit of volume for each program or the actual device. It may happen that you reduced the volume limit to zero for any program and when you are running that program, then you aren’t getting any sounds. Or you may have reduced the volume of the device to zero altogether reducing the volume of your whole device to zero. Here’s how to increase the volume:

Step 1 Right-click on the Volume icon in the taskbar.

Step 2 You will see an option in the list called “Volume Mixer”, you have to click on it and an equalizer will appear that will allow you to set the Volume limit for all the applications that have sound along with the Volume limit of the device.

Step 3 Now, you just have to increase the sound in that equalizer to increase the sound.

Reason 3: Outdated/uninstalled drivers

Drivers are software that allows your device to communicate with the components. If your speakers are giving no sound then it may be that the drivers are not working properly and probably needs to be re-installed. Let us guide you on how to install/update your audio drivers:

Step 1 Open “Device manager”, you can search for it using the same term.

Step 2 Go to “Sound, video and game controllers”, expand it and right click on the sound card and delete the drivers and also check the “Delete the drivers for this device” option.

Step 3 Restart your PC and Windows will re-install drivers automatically of your sound card.

Reason 4: Damaged internal speakers

Now we come to the most expensive reason for no sound, yes, we are talking about damaged speakers. There is a chance that your speakers are internally damaged that can happen if you dropped it or a short circuit or it was of poor quality and got damaged easily. It can be any physical reason. For this, the only solution is to give it away for repairs to the service center and wait for it to return.

So, these were the ways through which you can fix your laptop speakers if they aren’t working. It is advised that you take care of your laptop to avoid any physical damage in future to any other part and also keep your drivers updated to avoid any such problems. This is how you can fix No Sound issue from Laptop Speakers.

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