How to Enable or Turn on Dark Theme in Windows 10 via Settings

With Anniversary update Microsoft has introduced Dark theme or mode in Windows 10 and if you’re not a great fan of bright or light colors on your screen, it is better to switch to a dark mode.

The dark mode was available in the Windows 10 from a long time but counted as a hidden feature because there were no settings to enable or activate this mode. Even the users need to take the help of registry editor to enable the dark theme in Windows 10.

We have no idea, why Microsoft took so much time in introducing the dark theme officially in Windows 10, Even the Microsoft’s Edge browser already have settings to enable or activate the dark theme and it looks fabulous.

But on the demand of users, the company has finally introduced their dark theme a.k.a black theme in Anniversary Update of Windows 10 version 1607 and anyone can enable the dark theme right from the Settings apps.

Enable or Turn on Dark Theme in Windows 10 via Settings Apps

But there is a catch, these dark theme settings do not apply to the Windows applications which include File Explorer and will remain white. But still, it is better to have something than nothing.

Here is how you can enable dark theme or mode in Windows 10 via Settings

1. You need to launch the Settings apps. For that, click on the Start button and then click on the gear icon which is lying above the power icon.

start button

Alternatively, you can use Win + I hotkeys to quickly launch the Settings apps.

2. In the Settings Apps, Click on the Personalization settings.


3. Under Personalization settings, On the left panel, click on the Colors tab.

After that, on the right panel, click down until you see Choose your app mode.

colors settings

4. By default light mode is selected, to enable the dark theme, click on the dark radio button and instantly you will notice that the interface of the theme switched to dark. The result will be like the following screenshot

windows 10 settings app

That’s it!

This method is much better in comparison to the previous registry hack method because,

  • You do not have to play with registries
  • You do not need to log out of your account or reboot to see the changes.

Additional Tips for Enabling Dark Theme in Windows 10 apps which have no effect of above discussed dark theme settings.

Enable Dark Theme for Edge Browser

Simply Click on the Edge browser More Action icon (…) -> Settings -> Click on the Dropdown to switch from light to dark theme.

Dark Theme for Windows Desktop Application

To enable the dark theme for File Explorer, you can take help of Windows dark theme. But it is not an ideal theme, but if you want to you can enable it by doing this:

Launch Control Panel -> Under Appearance and Personalization, click on Change the theme -> Click on High Contrast Black theme to enable it.

You have successfully enabled the dark theme or dark mode in the Windows 10. Why don’t you try these and let us know what you think about this dark or black theme in the comments?

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