How to Enable or Disable Fast Startup in Windows 10

How to Enable or Disable Fast Startup in Windows 10: Windows 10 is currently in it’s technical preview or BETA testing phase and you can download and install it to try it. It is really close to its final release and we have been posting tutorials related to Windows 10 since a few weeks now. We will be post more in the coming days.

In this post I will show you how to enable or disable Fast Startup in Windows 10 easily. Let us first take a look at what fast startup in Windows 10 means.

Fast startup in Windows 10

Fast Startup is basically a feature that is supposed to make the startup process much faster and quicker after you start the PC after a shut down. Getting into technical things, this feature is made possible by saving a fraction of the files on your system and drivers to s file named hiberfil.sys when you shut down the PC.

When you start the PC again, Windows will pick up all the data from this file itself making the startup much faster.

Procedure to Enable or Disable Fast Startup in Windows 10

Enabling or disabling this feature is quite easy and if we count the numbers, you just need 4-5 steps to do this. Just follow the below listed procedure.

  • Open your Control Panel. Look for Control Panel in start menu.
  • Now in Control Panel look for Power Options.
  • Look for an option that reads Choose what the power button does and click it. This will open up a new Window and here you can see more options.
  • Now look for the check box with text Turn on fast startup.
  • Check it if you want Fast startup enabled and uncheck it if you don’t want it enabled.

This is as easy as this. So, you just have to follow these options in order to Enable or Disable Fast Startup in Windows 10.

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