How to Enable God Mode in Windows 10 to access hidden features & settings

The term God mode won’t be alien to you if you are using Microsoft Windows from a long time. This sounds like it gives you access to unreachable settings in Windows and it kinda does but it will hardly interest you if you access it once.

To explain it in a simple term, God mode gives you the access to Windows OS’s all the control panels and settings within the same folder/window. It was not called God mode since start. The real name is Windows Master Control Panel shortcut but since it provides access to so many settings at once people started jokingly calling it the God mode and the name still finds its way till date.

Some curious beings tried accessing God mode on Windows 10 and it was not a surprise when they found out that you could access God mode here as well. You might be curious what the fuss is all about and why you need it. Well, this is actually a really useful feature to those techies who have to closely work with Windows based PCs. For people in this field, i.e. IT, this is a very useful thing as they can access all the settings at once in one window instead of going through other long ways.

But as a consumer do you need it? Well, if you are a person who is familiar with Windows and how things work, it might be safe for you to use it but if you are someone who still uses Internet Explorer, I think you should not mess with the settings. 😉

Messing with settings uselessly will end up giving you a damaged version of Windows which might be very tough to fix. Just think of God mode as a back door entry to the OS’s critical and important settings and nothing more. Enabling it is easy and won’t harm your system at all but just be safe while you are checking out the settings.

How to Enable God Mode in Windows 10?

Now that we know what the God mode is and what it does, let us come back to the main topic, which is, How to Enable God Mode in Windows 10.

This is a very easy process and you might end up wondering how easily one can access such control panel that holds the settings for many critical parts of the OS. But then, finding this out would have been tough already. Just follow the steps I have mentioned below.

  • Make sure you have an admin account while doing this.
  • Now right click anywhere on Windows desktop and choose New > New Folder.
  • Now you will be asked to name the folder.
  • This is where the key part is. Just enter the following as the name of the folder:


  • After the folder has been renamed, you will see that the icon of the folder has changed to the one in following embedded image.

  • Just double click this folder and this will open the window where you will be able to see all the settings.

  • As you scroll down, you will see all kinds of settings that you didn’t see before and you will also find some common settings.

This is why it is called God mode. You can find all types of settings here in this place. Be it simple and regular ones or be it the ones that are used in times of some technical emergency, you are going to find all of it here.

So, this was a small tutorial in which I showed you how to enable God mode in Windows 10 and as you can see the steps were not that hard to follow, right?

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