How to Downgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft has already released Technical Preview of its upcoming Windows 10 operating system around 7 months ago. It’s undoubtedly the best work ever done by Microsoft, with all the unification and other new features that it brings to devices. A user who switches to Windows 10 will hardly wish to go back to any previous version. However, some exceptions to this unwritten rule exist. For example, there may be stability issues forcing a user to switch back to an earlier version. After all, by the end of the day it’s a Technical Preview and not a stable release of the OS, which means it may’ve bugs and stability issues undiscovered till now. Or in another scenario, someone may simply find it tough to adjust his/her workflow according to new OS. And last, but certainly not the least, in some rarest cases a user may find the new release uglier in comparison to any old release.

Whatever the reason, if you want to go back to stable Windows 8 from this Technical Preview then you’re in sheer luck. For the first time ever Microsoft has provided the option of downgrading to an earlier version of Windows right inside the OS itself. Or perhaps it might’ve been included because this is not a stable release of Windows. Whatever the reason, it’s a great news that downgrading from this Technical Preview is simple and easy.

Given below are the steps that you need to take to downgrade your computer to Windows 8. Follow the step by step tutorial and get your windows 8 Back.

1. First of all open Settings and click Update and Recovery.


2. Now in Update and Recovery window click on Recovery option. This will open a list of 3 options on the right hand side. You need to look for “Go back to a previous version of Windows” option. According to Microsoft, you can go back to the version of Windows that used to exist on your system before upgrading without losing your files. To start the process, click Get Started button under this option

update and revovery dialog box

3. Now you’ll receive a confirmation screen before you like the one shown below. On this screen click Go Back button to initiate the process. Rest assured, you won’t lose any of your photos, documents and other personal files. However, you’ll lose all the Settings , themes and apps that you installed on your Windows 10 copy.

confirmation screen

Now follow the straightforward instructions and allow the process to complete. After this process completes, which usually takes less than an hour, you’ll be back to the earlier version of Windows on your computer. If you face any issues, do sound them in comments so we can help out.

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