How to Create A Windows 10 Bootable USB Drive

As Microsoft prepares its much anticipated Windows 10 operating system, the excitement about this upcoming OS is increasing. Microsoft wants to make this version as advanced and useful as possible because this will be the last version of Windows. This goal has already been evident in all the events at which Redmond based company talked about its upcoming operating system. While the final release is still a few months away, a Technical Preview is already out that early adopters like you and me can try to get a feel of Windows 10 before it’s rolled out officially. All you need to do is to create a bootable USB disk using its ISO and then install the Preview on your personal computer.

How do you create a Windows 10 bootable USB disk? Don’t worry, pal. You’re in the right place!


Before you can create a Windows 10 boot disk, you’ll have to ensure the availability of following things:

  • A 4GB Pen drive for 32-bit version or 8GB Pen drive for 64-bit version, depending on the configuration of your computer,
  • Rufus tool that’ll help you in creating the boot disk,
  • Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO – Can be downloaded from here,
  • And a Windows PC.

Once you’ve all these things, you can get started with the procedure given below:

Steps for creating Windows 10 boot disk

  • Connect your flash drive to PC.
  • Navigate to the location where your downloaded files are saved by default (or the location where you downloaded Rufus, if you didn’t save it to the default download location) and launch Rufus. A thing that I like the most about this tool is its easy setup – you don’t even need to install it on your computer!
  • In the Rufus window, click the checkbox before Check device for bad blocks option. This step is optional, but is important for the sake of your computer’s security. I didn’t do it and my device turned out to be fine, but a bit of extra precaution now can save you from more serious problems later.
  • Select your USB drive and partitioning scheme as shown in the image given below:


  • Now click on the small ISO icon shown next to the ISO dropdown menu. You can see it in the image given above (pointed by the red arrow).
  • After clicking navigate to the location where you downloaded your Windows 10 Technical Preview image and select the image file.
  • After selecting the file, hit Start button and wait for a while. In a few minutes your bootable USB drive will be ready!

That was easy, isn’t it? Now you can use your recently created Windows 10 bootable USB drive to install Windows 10 on your computer. Just a word of caution before you leave – install it as a second operating system on your PC and also backup your data before starting the installation process. It’s a Technical Preview… who knows if it messes something up with your computer?

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