How to Check Size of Windows 10 updates before Downloading them

Looking for a way to check the size of Windows 10 update before downloading it? Actually, it is possible and in the article, you will find out how to do that.

From the day, Microsoft released Windows 10, the Windows update section is always filled with timely updates. But there is one problem, unlike the previous version of Windows, there is no setting available in Windows 10 OS that let you check the size of the update.

Due to this reason, users never know how much time the system is going to take to complete the update process. Sometimes this becomes little annoying as you cannot predict when the update installation will start and end. In case, you’re one of the users who want to know the size of Windows 10 update then Windows Update Minitool is theĀ solution.

Windows Update Minitool

It is third party application which is developed just to improve the overall Windows 10 update experience. This Windows Update client uses Microsoft’s own Windows Update API and Windows Update server but with its own interface.

The good thing about this tool is that you can restore various classic user interface features using it. You can:

  • Check the size of the update without downloading or installing the update
  • Download the particular updates, but not install them
  • Download and Install selected updates
  • Uninstall or Remove selected updates
  • Block or Hide Selected updates
  • Save all the information related to updates to the clipboard

So this tool is really useful and helps in retaining all the Windows update features which Microsoft has removed in the Windows 10.

How to Check the Size of Windows 10 Update using Windows Update Minitool

As our article is about how to check the size of Windows 10 update, here is what you need to do to find it using Windows Update Minitool.

1. Download the Windows Update Minitool application

2. Extract the zip file and install it on your computer.

The zip file contains two (x86 and x64) versions of the application. The application is posted by the developer on the My Digital Life forum. For more details, you can check the thread on mydigitallife forum.

3. After installing the app, run it. The interface of the application will look like the following screenshot:


4. To check the update details, you need to click on the option available on the top left side of the application windows which are:

  • Windows Update
  • Installed
  • Hidden
  • Update History

You can also click on the refresh icon to refresh the list of updates available.

5. If you want to check the size of Windows Update, then simply click on the Windows Update tab and it will show the list of all updates with details. Just like in the following screenshot.



That’s it!

Note: Keep in mind that this useful application only helps in improving the problems related to Windows Update feature in Windows 10. Officially there is no way to check the size of Windows 10 size, so you can take help of third party software to know the size of update before downloading and installing.

Why don’t you give a try to Windows Update Minitool and let us know what you think about it?

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