How to Auto Backup Instagram Photos to OneDrive

Instagram is a photo sharing app that is now owned by Facebook which is currently the world’s biggest social networking company. Facebook has been investing and buying many famous startups like Instagram, Oculus and WhatsApp.

The Facebook and Instagram deal was one of the biggest deals in the history of startups and thankfully Facebook did not change the way people liked to use Instagram and it allows the company to run how it used to. So people weren’t really affected by the deal and the users of Instagram are using the app like they used to.

The Instagram app for Windows Phone does what is supposed to do in a good way. Though the app took time to develop, but good things do take some time, right?

Anyway, coming to the point, Instagram is a great way of sharing photos you take from your phones as well as other devices with people around the world and you can use hastags to categorise the post so that it could reach the audience you want it to reach.

In this post I will tell you how to auto backup Instagram photos to OneDrive.

Without any further ado, let’s start.

Procedure to complete the process

Follow the steps I have listed below one by one and do not skip any of the steps as all of them are necessary.

  • Head over to IFTTT and sign up for the website if you haven’t signed it up for it already.
  • Now login to your IFTTT account and you will see a link named Browse and you will have to click that link. It is situated on the top right of the webpage.
  • You will now land on a page and you will see a search bar.
  • Now type in “OneDrive” in the search bar and press enter.
  • Now you will see a bunch of recipes in the results.

  • Look for the recipe that reads Save new Instagram photos to SkyDrive/OneDrive.
  • Click that recipe and you will land to a new page where you have to activate both your Instagram as well as OneDrive account.

  • Now just activate both the required services and you will be asked to log into both of them. Now if you do not have the OneDrive account, just sign up for a new one.
  • After activating you just have to Add recipe. The recipe will be added.

Now whenever you post a new photo to Instagram, your photo will be automatically backed up on OneDrive and you can access these pics anytime you want.

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