HoloLens now available in Europe and Australia

HoloLens will be available in six new countries by late November, Microsoft announced today. The pre-orders have begun, and the price has been set – including for an Enterprise solution.


By the logic, you would assume that HoloLens is an experiment for Microsoft – and it is. Sort of. You see while the headset does cost $3000 and while it is only available in U.S. and Canada at the moment – it has gained popularity in the enterprise market, for one reason or another.

You could go to Mars with HoloLens, or perhaps the elevator in your office is being repaired with the help of HoloLens at this moment. Perhaps even just play Minecraft on it if you are bored. HoloLens was an experiment – an expensive one – but while it is far from being an affordable consumer product, it has started to gain momentum in places you wouldn’t have expected it to.

Across the waters

The pre-orders are now open – HoloLens is now available in Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom. It costs the same $3000, but it does come with an enterprise option.

Besides the $3000-per-headset option for developers and consumers, Microsoft is also offering a $5000 version for commercial use in the enterprise. Microsoft says “volume orders are welcome.”

The $5000 version for the enterprise comes with enterprise features as well – a special Kiosk mode, which will let administrators limit what apps can be executed on the HoloLens; and several other enterprise features such as Azure Active Directory integration, Windows Update for Business support, BitLocker data encryption, MDM capabilities, remote connectivity, Windows Store for Business support, and secure boot enabled by default.

That’s a lot of features – it does cost you an extra $2000, however.

If you have $3000 to spare and want to experience HoloLens – it is available straight from the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft plans to start shipping the HoloLens in these new regions by the end of November. Exciting times are ahead of us.

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