HoloLens is coming to Japan, preorders start from 2nd December

Microsoft announced last month that HoloLens would be coming to countries in Europe and the Australian region by the end of November – the end of November is here, and HoloLens is available for purchase in the mentioned countries.

Today, Microsoft has announced one more addition to the HoloLens expansion – Japan. Microsoft is bringing the $3000 mixed-reality headset to Japan, with pre-orders starting on the 2nd of December.

Microsoft’s announcement doesn’t put out many details – it fails to specify whether Japan is getting the Development and Commercial/Enterprise editions, as Europe and Australia did. It also fails to mention the pricing in Japanese Yen.

If further details emerge from the depths of Microsoft, we will be sure to update this post.

We do know this, however: while the pre-orders for HoloLens begin on 2nd of December in Japan, the shipping starts much later – sometime in early 2017.

The Expanse

With this announcement, HoloLens is now available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, United States of America, and soon Japan.

This expansion shows a confident Microsoft – yes the headset costs $3,000, or $5,000 if you are buying it commercially, but it’s also one-of-its-kind.

Of course, this also means that HoloLens can be used in unique ways – the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities is developing a solution to “display” more of their treasures in the limited space they have, despite HoloLens not being commercially available in the Netherlands.

NASA has found a use for HoloLens as well – the Mars tour at Kennedy Space Centre used HoloLens to educate visitors about Mars and perhaps leave them in awe of it.

Japan – although it doesn’t have HoloLens commercially available yet, much like the Netherlands – have also had a few companies give it a try. Japan Airlines has built two proof-of-concept programs to provide supplemental training for flight crew trainees who want to become co-pilots, as well as engine mechanics.

HoloLens is indeed breaking the ground in enterprise and commercial environments – it has found its place, but perhaps the soon-to-be-released $300 VR and AR offerings from Microsoft would give the technology a place in every home.


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