Hitman: Absolution joins Xbox One’s Backward Compatibility Library

From last week’s Lego Indiana Jones and GTA IV to Hitman: Absolution today, Microsoft’s Backward Compatibility Program keeps on expanding. This is the last Hitman game to hit the previous generation of consoles until the new Hitman reboot in 2016.

The developers – IO Interactive – had announced their plans to bring Hitman: Absolution to the Xbox One almost a year ago. Although it has taken a bit of time, everyone’s favorite bald assassin is now back for all stealth fans’ enjoyment.

Hitman: Absolution

Absolution marks the fifth game in the long-running Hitman stealth game series where players take the role of Agent 47, an assassin with a perfect record in completing his contracts in time and without witnesses.

Releasing to the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 platforms back in 2012, the game had a quite rocky launch. A barrage of stability problems and instances of save corruption happening among players of all platforms.

Additionally, many critics and veteran fans of the series disliked Hitman: Absolution’s focus on a much linear gameplay style in contrast to the preceding games’ open-ended nature, where the freedom to traverse the entire map to find the perfect method of executing the plan was a major selling point for the series.

But, ultimately, the game is now perfectly playable and a great Hitman experience, in spite of the gameplay differences. A good place to enter the series as well, thanks to the many difficulty settings and allowing improvisation to progress.

Being a Hitman game, as always, players may use any method to assassinate the targets they are tracking. The game has a myriad of weapons, disguises, traps and even seemingly mundane objects to complete the assassination with. Moreover, abandoning stealth is also a completely viable tactic, where players may fight through opponents to kill the target.

Hitman: Absolution is now available for $19.99 on the Xbox store, completely playable on the Xbox One console. Owners of the Xbox 360 physical disk version of the game can use it on their Xbox One to start downloading the game right now, however, all the Hitman: Absolution digital owners will now have it available on the Ready to Install section of their Xbox One.

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