Hillary Clinton will win the election today, according to Bing Predicts

Microsoft’s foray into the search business with Bing was rather inevitable, considering how big Google became by building its foundation on top of its search. Microsoft, however, always does some things unique to Microsoft – Bing Predicts is something similar.

Bing Predicts Presidential Election

In less than 24 hours, the United States of America will have a new President to lead the country – go vote for the change you want – but as the country prepares for the leadership change, everybody can’t help but attempt a guess for the result.

Microsoft can’t help itself either – Bing Predicts attempted to predict the team with a higher chance of winning their respective matches during the football season this year; now Bing Predicts is trying its hand at something a bit more significant – the presidential elections.

“How people act on the web correlates to how they vote,” says Walter Sun, the team lead for Bing Predicts at Microsoft; and with that data, Bing Predicts gives Hillary Clinton an 89.7% chance of winning the presidency tomorrow.

Bing Predicts have had its fair bit of success at predictions; last year, Bing Predicts said the U.S. women’s national soccer team would beat Japan at the World Cup final – and it did. Bing Predicts also successfully predicted all six group stage winners and had a 58% success rate for each match’s prediction.

You can read more about how Bing Predicts works, as well as its partnership with PredictWise, at Microsoft’s blog here. You can also have a look at every minute detail that Bing offers about the election over here – but only if you are in the U.S.

The voting day is today; the predictions are exactly that – predictions – if Americans do not go to vote, because they think their favorite candidate is going to win anyway – they might not actually win. In a true democracy, voting is not only a right but also a duty for every citizen. Go vote.

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