How to Hide or Show Search Box or Cortana Icon on Taskbar in Windows 10

Cortana is one of the highlight features of Windows 10. From the Halo series of games to Windows Phone and now finally on Windows 10, her journey has been quite great and she is quite useful. I have been using Cortana for my day to day stuff like setting reminders, looking up things online and more.

You might not realize it, but she actually adds up a lot to the greatness of Windows 10. You can access her directly from the taskbar using the search box.

Many people didn’t like the bigger search bar that Microsoft introduced. This search bar is a great way to search stuff on your PC as well as on the internet. Cortana can also be accessed from here.

I personally love the search box but you can choose to have an icon instead of that search bar on your taskbar. In this post, I will show you how to hide or show Search Box or Cortana Icon on Taskbar in Windows 10.

Showing & Hiding Search Box on Taskbar – Windows 10

This is actually very easy and you can show or hide the search box by following the steps listed below.

  • Right click on the taskbar and you will see an option that reads Cortana.
  • Now mouse over to the option that says Cortana and you will see three more options.

  • All you need to do here is click the Show search box option and the search box will appear on your taskbar instantly.

  • To hide the search box, just choose the Hidden option and the search box will not show up anymore.

Showing & Hiding Cortana icon on Taskbar – Windows 10

You can show the Cortana icon instead of the full search bar. The icon does the same job as the search bar. The only difference is that the search bar has a mic button which you can use to speak to Cortana right away. But you can always setup Hey Cortana for that.

All you need to do here is right click on the taskbar and then go to Cortana > Show Cortana Icon.

This will show the Cortana icon on the taskbar instead of the search box. This icon takes up a lot less space on your taskbar and it does the same job as the search box.

This is something that many people struggle with and it is totally understandable as the configuration option for these are where no one will expect them to be. This was a short tutorial in which I showed you how to hide or show Cortana icon or the Search Box on your Windows 10 taskbar.

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