Heroes of the Storm’s newest hero is a Probe from StarCraft

Following the entrance of Lucio from Overwatch, a brave little Probe from Starcraft is joining the Heroes of the Storm: Probius, a Specialist class hero, joining the game’s Public Test Realm in a few days.

Probius is quite a special probe that accomplished a rather important task in the Protoss’ costly return to Aiur. Yes, this is, in fact, the probe that warped in the Pylon in StarCraft: Legacy of the Void cinematic trailer.

In StarCraft, probes are the Protoss race’s workers that mine resources and construct (warp in) buildings for the player. Similarly, in Heroes of the Storm, Probius can warp in a range of structures to deal with the opposing team.

Probius Overview

Probius’ trait is the ability to warp in a Pylon that generates a Power Field around itself. Staying inside this Power Field is the only way Probius can regenerate mana, which is thankfully really quick.

Obviously, Probes can’t actually mount a horse to move faster around the map, so his Worker Rush unique mount lets him move 50% faster for five seconds after activating it, but with a 40-second cooldown so use this wisely.

His Disruption Pulse is an ability that can go through multiple enemies, dealing 150 damage to each one. The next ability – Warp Rift – actually works well with the Disruption Pulse to deal even more damage.

The Warp Rift ability of Probius creates an unstable structure that slows all enemies around it by 20%. However, firing a Disruption Pulse at it will explode the Warp Rift, dealing 261 damage to all nearby enemies.

Next up is the Photon Cannon, and as the name suggests, it fires Photons at nearby enemies, dealing decent damage. The catch is that Probius can only place these useful cannons inside the range of a Pylons’s Power Field.

Lastly, the Pylon Overcharge and Null Gate Heroic Abilities, which the player can choose between when playing Probius.

Pylon Overcharge increases the range of all Pylon Power Fields and gives them a powerful attack that continuously targets enemies that are inside its range, while on the other hand, Null Gate allows Probius to put up a barrier that will deal damage and slow enemies who pass through it.

Also, there are plenty of more deviations players can choose while playing, thanks to its wide range of talents. All in all, Proteus looks like he will excel in defensive battles and dealing massive damage to enemies in chokepoints.

Anyone interested in trying out Proteus can do so by joining the Public Test Realm on the 6th of March. It’s always exciting to wait and see what other characters Blizzard is bringing over from their list of popular franchises.

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