Here’s how to watch today’s Microsoft Surface event

It is time for the event we have been waiting for: Microsoft’s big New York week is upon us, with the Surface event today and the Office event next week; it’s going to be a busy week.

We have some idea about what Microsoft will show us at the event today, but it’s all rumors and speculation. The point is: it’s going to be a lot of Surface devices. You can read more about our speculation and assumptions, over here.

Microsoft October 26th 2016 Event

The Livestream

While the event is in New York; Microsoft will be streaming the full event live over at their website. Here’s the link to that. When the event begins, we will attempt to embed the video right here – if that doesn’t work out, you can just click that link.

The Timings

The motion of our planet makes it difficult for everyone on this rock to participate in an event at the same time – the tragedy of a globalized world. Here are the timings for a few of the major capitals around the world:

  • Sydney – 1 AM, October 27th
  • Tokyo – 11 PM, October 26th
  • Beijing – 10 PM, October 26th
  • Dhaka – 8 PM, October 26th
  • New Delhi – 7:30 PM, October 26th
  • Islamabad – 7 PM, October 26th
  • Riyadh – 5 PM, October 26th
  • Moscow – 5 PM, October 26th
  • Cape Town – 4 PM, October 26th
  • Rome – 4 PM, October 26th
  • Paris – 4 PM, October 26th
  • London – 3 PM, October 26th
  • Brasília – 12 PM, October 26th
  • New York – 10 AM, October 26th
  • Houston – 9 AM, October 26th
  • Denver – 8 AM, October 26th
  • San Francisco – 7 AM, October 26th
  • Honolulu – 4 PM, October 26th

If that list didn’t cover your time zone – you can use this handy time converter to get the exact time the event starts for you.

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