Project Valerie is a laptop with three displays from Razer that you can’t buy

Razer makes some decent products; while the company is known for their gaming accessories, the have had quite a bit of success with their recent foray into laptops.

Razer has always tried to do something new with their products; at CES 2017, they have unveiled a top secret project that the company has been working on behind the curtains. It’s called Project Valerie, and it can only be described as insane.

This laptop has three monitors – yeah, three – built right into it, each at the size of 17.3-inches, and a 4K UHD resolution. That puts the total resolution at 11520 x 2160. The insane doesn’t stop.

NVidia’s GeForce Surround View tech is powering these displays, and it can actually mirror a single display across the monitors if you wanted it to.

The two side displays slide out of the main display panel and do not require any extra power or wiring. For the most part, Project Valerie is using similar chassis design and specifications as a 17-inch Blade Pro, which is one of the most high-end laptops that Razer makes.

It’s not real

Project Valerie is very much real, but Razer still has a lot of work to do before this thing could get to commercial production. As it stands, it’s merely a concept.

Even though it looks cool, is it really practical to have a laptop with three screens? A laptop is meant to be portable, and this isn’t that; in that sense, it shares quite a bit with the other insane laptop of this week.

Razer claims there’s an NVidia GTX 1080 inside this laptop, pushing the pixels to power that insane 12K resolution. That sounds surprising – but it doesn’t matter.

We don’t know whether Razer has any plans of bringing this monstrosity to the market – probably not, but we can still be blinded by the innovation that went it out, and ride the hype train.

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