Halo Wars 2 Demo arrives for Xbox One, Windows 10 to follow soon

343 Industries’ latest real-time strategy game set in the Halo universe is now touting a demo on the Xbox One. The demo is giving players a taste of Halo Wars 2, which includes a campaign mission and Blitz Firefight mode.

Sadly, the new Halo Wars 2 demo is only available on the Xbox One console, at least for now; Microsoft has confirmed a Windows 10 version is in the works, but without a release date as of yet.

For anyone that’s looking to purchase the game, keep in mind that Halo Wars 2 is a part of Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere program, which gives owners of the game in a single Microsoft platform, access to the other completely free of charge.

Moreover, the program shares save data, achievements, and any other progress of the player between platforms as well, letting players continue the game from where they left off on either their Xbox One or Windows 10 machines.

The Halo Wars 2 Demo

The campaign mission that players will receive through the Halo Wars 2 demo is ‘The Signal,’ which also happens to be the opening mission of the game.

The mission will orient players to the control scheme and essentially serve as a tutorial for the RTS game. Additionally, players can get an introduction to the game’s setting and plot thanks to the amazing cutscenes in the mission.

Next up is the Blitz Firefight game mode that is also coming with the demo. This mode has the player fighting waves of enemy units using decks of cards that contain ally forces.

Although the full game’s Blitz Firefight mode houses better customizing and deck options, the demo version is only giving access to the decks of Captain Cutter of the UNSC and Atriox, the leader of The Banished to play around with.

The demo is available to download now through the Microsoft Store completely for free to all Xbox One owners, and we expect the Windows 10 version of the Demo to drop before long.

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