Groove for Xbox One adds support for music videos… again

Microsoft’s Groove service has been trying to fill up the space that Zune left with its demise. The Groove app is pre-installed on every Windows 10 PC – though, not many are aware of its existence on Windows 10.

Groove, of course, was earlier known as Xbox Music, and was exclusive to the Xbox One – the app had mostly the same features that it did today, but with one exception: it had music videos.

Groove for Xbox One

And then, the fire natio.. the folks at Microsoft decided to re-make Groove as a UWP app so that it would be a single app running across the whole Microsoft ecosystem – from Xbox to Windows 10 Mobile.

The UWP Groove has been great – but it lacked one key feature: it didn’t have music videos. Of course, it is still the best way to listen to music on the Xbox One, and even integrates with OneDrive so you could listen to your own music, but music videos sure would be nice.

Microsoft promised to bring back music videos eventually, and now they are here. The latest update adds music videos back, but it doesn’t tell you which songs or albums have music videos available for them.

At the moment, you have to browse through the library in hopes of finding a music video; there’s one tiny caveat: background music doesn’t work with music videos, so do keep that in mind.

You can also choose to disable music videos entirely, from the settings pane on the right.


The update for Groove app is rolling out as we speak – if you want to make sure it is fully up to date, browse to the Games & Apps section in the top right-hand corner of the main dashboard and go to the update tab on the left.

Microsoft’s music endeavors have been ahead of their times, but not always successful – Zune was one of the first services to provide a subscription-based music streaming service, and while it failed, it also helped give birth to the thriving music streaming industry we witness before us today.

It’s natural to wonder what the Groove team is building for the future – hopefully innovation and new ideas will continue to thrive.

The Groove app is available via Windows Store for Windows 10 on PC, mobile, Xbox One, and Windows Holographic.

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