Groove adds ‘Your Groove’ in the Android and iOS apps with the latest update

Microsoft isn’t always very good at keeping feature parity between the several versions of its software – especially now that they are publishing most of their software on multiple platforms including Android and iOS.

It is often noticed – quite ironically – that the Windows 10 Mobile version of certain services, in fact, lag behind their Android and iOS counterparts; Groove Music app, is a remarkable exception to that.

Groove Music have always had a smoother experience on the Windows ecosystem – features such as curated playlists had been available for the Windows 10 devices for months before they came to Android and iOS.

Xbox Insiders, are also the only crowd that can watch music videos on the platform – hopefully, a feature that will eventually be extended to the rest of Windows 10 ecosystem.

The Update

This week’s updates to the Android and iOS apps add yet another feature that has been present in the Windows 10 Mobile app for months – Your Groove.

Your Groove is a nifty feature that’s not unique in what it can do, but unique in who it can deliver the experience to.

The feature is simply an algorithm that curates a playlist for you – it could be music that you haven’t listened to in a while or something new that you might like. It’s essentially a music discovery algorithm.

Almost every music streaming service offers something similar, but Groove is doing something unique with it; Groove allows users to upload their music to OneDrive – it can fetch the metadata and use this music in Groove, enabling you to organize and stream it from within the app.

Your Groove’s algorithms not only work for the paid Groove Music Pass subscribers but also for the free users with access to nothing but their own libraries.

If you simply use Groove Music to organize your collection, Your Groove will simply highlight music from your own library.

It might not sound useful – after all, it’s meant to help you discover new music – but it can be incredibly helpful for those with a large enough library.


Microsoft released the Android update earlier in the week, and the iOS update just today; both updates are, of course, still rolling out at their usual pace.

If you don’t yet have the update – just be patient. The internet is working on delivering you that update.

If you want to give Groove Music a try, it’s available on Android via the Google Play Store and iOS via the Apple AppStore.

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