Grand Theft Auto IV arrives to the Xbox One via Backward Compatibility Program

On the heels of Lego Indiana Jones, the Backward Compatibility program is back with another game from the Xbox 360. This time around, we are getting Rockstar Games’ open world action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto IV and its expansions.

Always having an extremely high number of fan requests for the game to join the program, due to the popularity of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series; all Xbox One Players can now go bowling with their favorite video game cousin whenever they choose to do so.

Grand Theft Auto IV’s sudden arrival counts as Rockstar Games’ third title to join Microsoft’s Backward Compatibility program. The previous two titles, Bully and Red Dead Redemption, turning up last year to the enjoyment of their many fans.

Grand Theft Auto IV

The original release of GTA IV dates back to 2008, the popularity speaking for itself when looking at the collection of Game of the Year and other awards it has collected, receiving universal acclaim from critics and fans alike.

The game follows Niko Bellic, a war veteran who’s come to America pursuing wealth, as well as, a certain individual. As per usual, the player gets into a life of crime after making some bad decisions following his cousin – Roman. Taking place in the fictional Liberty City, the player will encounter crime organizations such as the Russian Bratva among others.

Along with the main game, the Backward Compatibility extends to the GTA IV expansions – Episodes from Liberty City – as well, namely containing the standalone expansions – The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Rockstar’s The Lost and the Damned expansion follows Johnny Klebitz, a higher up member of the Lost MC biker gang. Whereas in the second expansion – The Ballad of Gay Tony – the player is the personal bodyguard of Anthony “Gay Tony” Prince, the owner of the two largest clubs in Liberty City.

Keep in mind that all three storylines are taking place in the same period, with some fun storyline crossovers. Additionally, attentive players of the game’s sequel, Grand Theft Auto V, may remember Johnny Klebitz’s short role in it.


Digital version owners of GTA IV and its expansions will find them on the Xbox One’s ready to install section. Xbox 360 physical disk owners may insert them into the Xbox One to start the downloading process at any time.

Players with previous save games stored in the cloud may even carry them over to the new console to continue their storyline if they wish to do so.

Grand Theft Auto IV is currently available for $20 on the Xbox Store, giving access on both Microsoft consoles. As more major titles of Rockstar keeps joining the Backward Compatibility Program, we figure a Max Payne 3 arrival soon.

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