Gears of War 4 March update includes two new maps and ranked lobbies

Continuing their free monthly multiplayer updates to Gears of War 4, The Coalition is back with the new March update. The update is bringing a new ranked lobby system, two new maps, and fixes up the Gnasher’s close range inconsistencies.

The previous month’s update added a couple of familiar maps to Gear of War 4’s multiplayer. Impact Dark, a night variant of Impact and War Machine, a popular map from the original Gears of War.

This month, however, we are getting a mixture of a brand new map, and another remaster of a classic map. Let’s take a look at the features and updates that are now available through the Gears of War March update.

March Update


First up is Diner, a brand new addition to the world of Gears of War. The Coalition calls this one of their most tactical maps ever, taking over eighteen months to develop.

Obviously, staying true to its name, the map takes place in and around a diner at dusk. The bright neon lights of the diner contrast quite well with the wasteland landscape around it. The map reminds us of Borderlands 2’s style of environment and buildings.

The combat of the map takes place on two fronts: tighter and more intense close combat on the inside of the diner and long range on the outside with the advantage going to players that utilize the open area to flank opponents.

Old Town

The second map to hit the game is one quite familiar to Gears of War 3 players: Old Town. Some beautiful memories, however, the remaster for Gears of War 4 changes a few things. The pleasant sun is gone, and in its place is a heavy coat of snowfall.

Other than that, the familiar three-lane layout of the original map and all its quirks stay the same.

Gears of War Season Pass owners can now try out these two maps on the Developer Playlist with double XP. Moreover, other players are getting access to the maps on March 14th through the map rotation system.

Other changes

The Coalition has included Ranked Lobbies to the Core and Competitive playlists of the game. Players using these playlists will now join a pre-game lobby that lets them vote on maps, customize options and even search for more players if a player drops out while inside the lobby.

After finishing a match, all the players will return to the lobby to continue the search for another map. Gears of War 4 players have requested this feature for some time, making this a great addition.

Lastly, the Gnasher shotgun will now function as the developers intended from the beginning. In detail, the update will fix up an issue where the gun would fire its bullets from behind the nozzle. Although originally a fix for clipping, the new changes will make the Gnasher a much more reliable tool.

The March update is now available for Gears of War 4 owners on the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms.

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