Gears of War 4 allows Versus crossplay between Xbox One and Windows 10

Xbox One and Windows 10 users can now play Gears of War 4 against each other using the Social Quickplay playlist. After testing the crossplay functionality last year, Microsoft is making the mode permanently available to all players.

Although crossplay between the two platforms was already available for the co-op game modes of Gears of War 4, the Versus multiplayer mode has been a tricky mode to enable, mainly due to peripheral differences of console and PC gamers.

Microsoft has conducted crossplay test weekends in the past to gather more data and feedback from players about its feasibility. It looks like they’ve finally come to a decision on the matter with the activation of crossplay for everyone.

Crossplay weekend Stats

Microsoft has also shared some data with us, gathered from the old crossplay test weekends between the platforms.

Over 115,000 unique players had participated in the tests with more than 750,000 rounds of Versus taking place; 91% of them being Xbox One players and the remaining 9% from Windows 10 users.

Overall, users from both platforms playing together accounted for over 90% of the matches played in the test weekends. However, the most surprising statistic coming out of Microsoft’s match data is about the average scores of the two platforms.

Microsoft claims that both Xbox One and Windows 10 players’ average kill counts and scores were very close. Although it’s unclear if this statistic is from players from either platform going against each other or just measuring separate scores, the third-person, cover-based style of gunplay in Gears of War 4, and its focus on close combat opportunities will markedly help with the aiming disadvantage Xbox One players will have against Windows 10 players.

Crossplay now available

After months of testing by Microsoft, Gears of War 4’s Social Quickplay playlist is now a full-time crossplay game mode; allowing Xbox One and Windows 10 players to queue up and join the same servers together for some Versus action. The Core and Competetive modes of Gears of War 4, however, will remain independent between each platform for now.

This injection of Xbox One players will, without question, help out the dwindling player numbers of the Windows 10 version. In effect, making this a great time to queue up for some multiplayer against the console players.

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