Free to Play MOBA Gigantic receives its first major update

Motiga is bringing some new features to their Early Access title Gigantic with the Exile in the North update; introducing a brand new hero along with new skins and other balance changes to Gigantic in this newest update.

Gigantic is a part of the Game Preview program of Microsoft, allowing developers to let players beta test their games. Also, the game is an Xbox Play Anywhere title that allows cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10 players.

Exile in the North

A new hero is joining the ranks of Gigantic’s diverse hero list, increasing the count to seventeen. Presenting – Pakko, this new playful giant is a melee tank hero that has a wide range of icy abilities. For instance, Pakko can toss snowballs, do a slide attack while on his back, ice the ground to make it more slippery for foes and even freeze enemies to make them immobile for some easy attack combos on them.

Although winter may be over for most, three heroes are getting some winter-themed skins and weapons with the update. Namely, they are arriving for the new hero Pakko as well as for the old heroes Tripp and Wu.

As the Practice Arena now lets players try out all heroes and skins of the game before purchasing them; this is a great opportunity for players to try out Pakko and the diverse skins available for all heroes.

Other changes

All new players that start playing Gigantic must now finish the tutorial before they can join a live match. As MOBA type titles aren’t the simplest games to get into, this change will hopefully help ease in new players. Also, players can earn the new Eternal Master skins by leveling up their favorite heroes to Master Rank 5 to show off their experience and skill with those heroes

Additionally, the update brings a wide array of reworks and balance updates to the game, such as players respawning faster if a team member abandons the battle mid game along with buffs to the Crown Boosts bought from the in-game shop for acquiring heroes and skins faster than before. Anyone interested in reading the gigantic list of balance updates may do so on the official changelog page – here.

Although Gigantic does not have an official release date set by the developers just yet; the beta is available to play for free through the Windows Store for both Xbox One and Windows 10. Moreover, Motiga plans to release a new hero to Gigantic every six weeks and more frequent updates in the future.

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