Forza Motorsport 6: Apex Open Beta on Windows 10 Arrives May 5

When Microsoft announced the new Windows 10 operating system, they also mentioned a few extra things that made it clear that Microsoft was actually listening to gamers and hence they optimized Windows 10 to be a good platform for the games to be developed. They also included many XBox related features right inside Windows 10 which can be useful to gamers.

Anyway, this is about Forza Motorsport 6: Apex which is an upcoming free to play racing title. The game is almost ready for public release but one last stage of testing remains i.e. Open Beta. The game will enter the open beta on 5th May 2016 which means you would be able to download the BETA version of the game to test it out.

This game is an important release for the company as they are going to introduce a lot of things in this new title. The game will make use of the new DirectX 12 along with the company’s very own ForzaTech™ engine on Windows 10 to provide stunning visuals and performance.

forza apex

More about Forza Motorsport 6: Apex

The game will be free to play which means people will be able to download and install it to play it immediately without paying a single penny for the base game itself. If you are a long-term Forza player, you would be knowing about the great gameplay experience that Forza has to offer and even the first time players would be excited to be able to get the unique gameplay experience.

The game has an amazing single player experience and all thanks to the DX12 on Windows 10, players would be able to get a great gaming experience at resolutions that can be set up to 4K. The gameplay itself has an engaging career mode in which the players would be able to play the Showcase Tour which is a 12-event series in which players will be able to take the amazing beast of cars on different circuits around the would. Apart from that, the Spotlight Series in the game will let the players go head to head with other players in different automotive events.

The game comes with Xbox Live achievements that the players will be able to earn. There’s an all-new Race Points system which engages the players in a better manner right into the game. There are about 63 different Forzavista™ cars in the game which means each car will provide a whole new thrilling experience.

The game will be opened for public as an Open Beta on 5th May 2016 which is a great chance for the users to get right into the game as it is released.

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