Forza Horizon 3 gets a launch trailer, pre-load available for Windows 10 PC

Forza began its journey on the Xbox 360 more than a decade ago. This week, a new installation is ready to make waves – and this time, it’s gonna hit the PC too.

The PC platform has only seen two releases from the Forza franchise – the first is Apex that came out of beta very recently, and the second is Forza Horizon 3 which comes out in a few days.

On the Xbox though, Forza has been nothing but a success – it has won countless awards and has been one of the most-sought-after exclusives of the Xbox platform. The success of this franchise has been outstanding, and Microsoft is hoping it is going to be a success on the PC too.

The Trailer

The trailer puts us in the varied terrain of Australia where beautiful forests, jungles, and deserts are going to leave you in awe. We also get to see a whole bunch of great cars.

The Demo & The PC

Forza Horizon 3 is yet another Xbox Play Anywhere title – which means you get a PC copy if you buy the Xbox version and vice versa. It is also releasing simultaneously with the console release.

However – there is a demo, and it’s not part of this simultaneous release. A demo for the Xbox One version is already out and is playable – if you have the console, you can start enjoying the pleasures of (a limited) Australia right now.

On the PC, a demo will be available – but only after the release of the game. Though the reviews have been quite favourable, it is not clear just yet how good or bad the performance will be in the release.

Nvidia and AMD have also released the game-ready drivers, so if you plan on getting the game – you should probably update your drivers right now.

Pricing & Availability

While the game is available at the standard 60$ price, there exists a 100$ Ultimate Edition which comes with a whole lot of nice things – but more importantly, those who buy the Ultimate Edition get to play the game starting from 23rd October.

The standard edition releases on the 27th of October. If you are impatient, you might want to spend that extra 40$ right about now.


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